What is a sellers inspection?

A sellers inspection is when the person selling a home purchases a home inspection so that they can show that the home is in tip top shape. This helps make their potential sale more appealing to the potential property owners. Getting a home inspection prior to the listing is an excellent way to prime for the sale of your home. When a home inspection inspection is paid for by the seller that person becomes our Columbus home inspectors client. Our Columbus home inspector will generate a report for the seller and will work directly for the seller. A sellers inspection is a win win for both parties involved with the sale of a home. We advise all sellers to make copies of the inspection report we provide to you so that you can provide the report to potential home buyers during an open house.

Why is a sellers inspection best a good option?

The advantages to having a sellers inspection performed are numerous. Get an honest assessment with a report that will help the seller justify a higher asking price if no pitfalls or issues exist. While if there are problems that are found like radon gas, or a termite infestation it can help the seller realistically price the home appropriately. Remove all suspicions about your property with a sellers home inspection. Get more for your property and hire an expert to get your home ready for sale and to make the most from your home sale investment.

Get a free quote here if you need a radon inspection or termite inspection we can assist you with that as well. All of these extras are great things to do before the sale of your home.

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